250px-Sozin and his army

Is this War is the 1st episode in Season 1.


Fire Lord Sozin of the Fire Nation has declared a war he prepares to attack the nearby villages,while Madame Suliman a Royal Witch joins Fire Lord Sozin and assembles a meeting from War Minister to the King himself they are about to face a new destiny.


The peace and hope would last forever until Fire Lord Sozin of the Fire Nation declared a war to end all Nations and expand the Fire Nation he is now ready to raid nearby villages from other Nations now he waits for something to happen when he was waiting he decided to name the war the Hundred Year War to last for a hundred years.

Madame Suliman a Royal Witch goes to the Fire Nation and intends Fire Lord Sozin to join her in the Hundred Year War Fire Lord Sozin agrees with her offer and goes back to his homeland and prepare a meeting from War Minister to the King himself they Madame Suliman and her henchmans goes to the Fire Nation to destroy the nearby villages other Nations,Kingdoms,etc. still doesnt no about the war will these be the end of the Nations or a hero will come and save the people of the other Nations.

At the credits a Madame Suliman and a few of her henchman was in one the Fire Nation headquater in the west of the Fire Nation Capital and sorta a have a plan in thier sleeve.


  • Written By:
    • Ken Jasper Bormate
    • Kim Julean Bormate
  • Directed By:
    • Ken Jasper Bormate
  • Starring:
    • Ken Jasper Bormate - Narrator ( first appearance )
  • Also Starring:
    • Ron Pearlman - Sozin ( first appearance )
    • Blythe Danner - Suliman ( first appearance )


  • This is the only episode to starring the Narrator.

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